About WildBettaBlog

At WildBettaBlog we want to spread the beauty of wild bettas. On the internet there is a lot of information about domestic bettas, but about wild bettas there aren’t a lot of sources. That’s what we want to change. We are creating a big database with all the information you need to care for your wild betta! 

A little backstory

I am Thijs, live in Belgium and I am the content writer for WildBettaBlog. I have fish practically my whole life, but wild bettas seem to leave a special mark. 

Before I stumbled upon wild bettas, I was keeping a lot of other fish. Corydoras, L-numbers, community tanks, etc. Regular bettas didn’t really bother me. Until a friend of me showed some pictures of his recently bought wild bettas. From then on, I had to get one too. I searched until I found a wild caught Betta smaragdina copper male. Yes this is impossible, so I’ve been set up a little bit. Since then I have bought extra wild bettas, mostly all out of Thailand and I have bred a lot with different species.

I always get a lot of questions in my inbox and that got me the idea of creating my own website: Thijs wild bettas. A small year after that I decided to create this website as a more general source of information. 

My first ever wild betta (smaragdina copper)
The species I keep

A smaller species with a magnificant green-red colouring

A wild betta known for its green/blue colors and dark ventrals

Originally a crossing between different species of the splendens compl.

Betta smaragdina with brown-copper scaling

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